Wordpress is inaccessible

2 minute read

I moved over this site from wordpress to github pages using jekyll last week.
I should say I was forced to move this site from wordpress to *** because some idiot at wordpress or more likely a whole bunch of idiots at wordpress believe accessibility is not worth their precious time and people with disabilities should never need to author anything on wordpress. I can imagine some of them thinking “Isn’t it good enough that we let these disabled good-for-nothing beings live out their lives? now they want to do everything that we mormal people do? How dare they? We are simply not doing any accessibility for the wordpress platform any more and if these disabled folks come, we will show them our 5 year backlog and our lame attempts at compliance. Never mind if they have existing jobs or blogs or sites that they need to update. It is their problem and they can solve it however they want. Don’t expect us to keep doing this accessibility charity.”

The above is just an angry rant and the anger continues below. I am probably very late in reporting all the problems with accessibility in the new wordpress platform. The late is due to the fact that I did not write any new posts in all of 2019 and only got around to updating some content last month.

In any event, if anyone finds this post for any reason, please stay away from wordpress as much as possible for any of your content publishing needs. It is a horrible platform ( run by probably horrible people) and I hope it comes to an equally horrible end. Save your effort and money!

There, I have said it and can feel the retribution of my wasted effort of migrating a perfectly functioning site and feel the anger receeding a bit.

I moved this site to jekyll, which spits out a static set of pages for simple sites like this. I also found that github pages runs jekyll for you and so, all you need to do is create a jekyll structured site and check into github and you get a free static site that is super easy to update using whatever editor you want on your local machine and checking-into github simply refreshes your content in the blink of an eye.

The slightly less anry rant is that the people at wordpress are simply incompetent and ignorant and are not really “evil” as I was thinking above. They were paid to create a new way to author content and they created one. When someone asked about accessibility is when they realized “oh accessibility is also a thing and let us patch this nonsense we have created with aria band-aids and all will be well.”