Accessibility Assessment

Our experts who have lived experience of disabilities assess the accessibility of your product against industry guidelines and standards. We provide detailed standardized reports and guidance for remediation.

Get tailored assessments for your business applications

We test your business applications and Websites tailored to your specific user journeys. We test on both web and mobile platforms and follow WCAG 2.1, section 508, and European standards. Our team members are life-long users of assistive technology such as screen readers, high contrast, and magnifiers.

Showcase your accessibility conformance with standardized reports

Our experienced staff uses the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to draft your Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR). Your ACR clearly states which accessibility standards your product or service meets, and it flags any potential accessibility blockers. Organizations today want or need any product they use to be accessible to everyone. For them, looking at your ACR gives them a quick way to compare the accessibility of your product or service with similar offerings from other vendors, and determine which is best for them.

Promote inclusive culture by assessing more than just applications

We test and remediate documents, such as PDF, word, or powerpoint presentations associated with your applications for accessibility. Accessible documents accompanying your products promote an inclusive culture in your organization and empower your employees. It helps you prevent legal risks when you use these documents with your customers and users.

Power your product design with feedback from users with disabilities

All our team members are users of assistive technologies. They provide their unique perspective of the problems caused by accessibility bugs in your products. In addition to easy to understand reports, we provide suggestions from real users with disabilities on how to remediate the problems identified. We perform automated and manual testing through tools like Accessibility Insights. Our test matrix includes screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver and talkback and platforms such as Windows, MAC OS, IOS, and Android.

Please contact us to help us understand your specific needs.