Inclusive User Research

We provide comprehensive inclusive user research services that will allow your teams to quickly receive crucial feedback from users with various kinds of disabilities. You could get user feedback for your existing products in the market, review new features before they are released, or review new designs and wireframes even before they are built. This helps your designers and product managers make the right decisions to ensure the product is accessible and is usable by everyone!

Large database of users

We have a database of over 3000, and growing, users who self-identify as having some disability. We index this user base on not only the nature of disabilities but other demographic attributes, such as level of education, nature of work, industry, and assistive technologies used. Some of the types of disabilities we have covered in the research studies we did recently include people with blindness, low vision, cognitive disabilities, dislexia, motor disabilities, cerebral palsy, and tremors.

End-to-end research services

To let your teams focus on getting the required research results quickly and with low effort, our team provides a comprehensive set of services. You can pick and choose what works best for you and we will mould our process to your needs.

  • Study design and research plan: Our researchers have extensive experience of doing inclusive studies with people with disabilities. We can help you design your study, and create a research plan that goes through the entire process and timelines for the various milestones from recruitment to the final readout.
  • recruitment: We can recruit users from our database based on the criteria you provide. We can also help you create the criteria based on our experience of doing similar studies.
  • Consent and NDA: We can help you create the consent and NDA forms for the users to sign. We can also help you get the forms signed by the users.
  • Scheduling: We can schedule the sessions with the users based on their availability and your timelines. User sessions are usually remote done using teams or zoom.
  • Moderation: We can moderate the sessions with the users. We can also help you train your moderators to work with users with disabilities.
  • remuneration: We remunerate participants for their time so you don’t need to worry about outgoing payments and tax implications.
  • Analysis: We can analyse the results of the study and provide you with a report that includes the findings and recommendations.
  • Readout: We can present the findings and recommendations to your teams and help them understand the results and the implications for your product.
  • Follow-up: We can help you with any follow-up questions you may have after the readout.

Please contact us to help us understand your specific needs.