Companies that build accessible products build better products

less than 1 minute read

I purchased a new IRobot Roomba I8+ after my 2 year old Ecovacs Deebot OSMO 930 had started giving me trouble with invalid error messages during clean cycles.

Setting up the Roomba was a breeze with the IOS app being completely accessible. This was such a big surprise and relief after struggling with every single new app I have been trying to use recently. The Deebot app, in comparison, is a “hot mess” and is completely inaccessible. I cannot even login to the ecovacs app with voice over on.

The Roomba product is also decidedly better with my previous Roomba lasting for over 6 years while the Deebot has stopped functioning properly after only 2 years with similar use.

Just goes to show companies that build accessible products can be trusted to build better products overall.