announcing the Include series first event

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We are looking forward at IAccessible for an insightful evening as we delve into AI’s impact on accessibility on the 14th of December at Microsoft’s Campus in Building 20. This is an opportunity to engage with thought leaders who are shaping the future of accessible technology. We’re honored to have:

  • Saqib Shaikh: A visionary at Microsoft, Saqib’s work, including Seeing AI, demonstrates AI’s power in creating inclusive technologies.
  • Rob Sinclair: Rob has been instrumental in embedding accessibility into Atlassian’s strategy, offering lessons on building inclusive digital environments.
  • Jennifer Smith: An expert in digital accessibility strategy, Jennifer is leading design accessibility at Visa, providing valuable insights at the intersection of accessibility design and AI.

We look forward to an evening of insightful discussions and networking with industry experts. Sign up here for the event. See you there!