What is Audio Labeller

AudioLabeller is an Android app that allows you to use NFC stickers to create audio labels that are spoken any time you touch them with your phone.

low vision and blind people can use off the shelf NFC stickers to label things like medicine bottles, physical files, CDs and DVDs, and even clothes.

Where can I get the app?

You can get the AudioLabeller app in the google play store.

Where can I buy the required NFC stickers?

We will very soon make it possible for you to order pre-initialized NFC stickers from within this app. For Now, you can buy tags from the following locations:

How it works:

  1. You need an Android phone with NFC capabilities like the google Nexus.
  2. Buy standard NFC stickers from amazon that work with android phones, such as Mifare Ultralight or NTAG203 203. These stickers are very inexpensive and come in all shapes and sizes, for various surfaces and in waterproof versions.
  3. Launch the audio labeller app on your phone and touch the phone to a sticker.
  4. You will be prompted to record a message for the sticker. You can record a short or long message like the name of the medicine or the tracks on a CD.
  5. Now whenever you subsequently launch the app and touch your phone to the sticker, the audio message you recorded will be spoken.
  6. Paste the sticker on the surface of the item you wish to label.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the audio message or want to change it, simply use the delete label button on the home screen and then touch the NFC tag. This will clear any audio message saved earlier.

Note: An added benefit of deleting a label is that the NFC tag is initialized with special data so you do not even need to launch the app to use audio labels. So long as your phone is unlocked, simply touch the phone to a label that was initialized and the audio labeller app launches automatically. If the phone doesn't have the app, it will be installed from google's play store for you!

What kind of NFC stickers work with this app?

All NFC stickers that work with the Nexus Android phones work with this app. Some of the commonly available stickers include:

  • NTAG203
  • topaz512
  • Mifare Ultralighte

Note: While the above listed tags are read by all NFC enabled phones, certain other tags like the Mifare Classic can be read only by specific phones and should be avoided.

How can I backup my audio tags?

To backup your audio labels or to move them to a new device, simply copy the AudioLabeller folder from your phone's storage to an external location like dropbox using any file explorer app.


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