Create accessible digital books at low cost and large scale!

What is Accessital?

Accessital is a cloud-based service that allows organizations to manage the process of digital book creation over the Web. This allows small and large organizations to scale the process of accessible digital book creation to be distributed over a large number of users, geographies, and time.

Learn about the problems solved by accessital, its key features, and hear from our customers:

If you are just looking for the key features of the platform, take a look at this 3 minute video created by one of our first clients:

Key challenges we solve

The key challenges that Accessital helps overcome include:

  • High cost of production.
  • Inability to crowd source volunteer effort for book creation.
  • Unavailability of OCR in local languages.
  • Inaccurate and incomplete meta data about created books

Client testimonials

Some of our early adopters include the top non-profit organizations working with people with disabilities in India, including Saksham, Enable India, and Mitra Jyothi. The following are testimonials from users from these organisations:

  • We completely shifted the book production process for Saksham digital library to acccessital since jan 2019. Using Accessital allowed us to increase book production from 40,000 pages in 2017 and 2018 to over 2,85,000 pages in 2019.
  • Using Accessital helped us reduce book creation cost by over 20% over the last year.
  • We were able to involve volunteers from across the world, including sstudents, workers, work from home moms in book production.
  • We conducted 9 book creation Marathons in schools, colleges, and organizations using accessital last year.
  • At Enable India, Banglore, we trained  27 trainees with Intellectual Disability, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Psychiatric Disabilities on Accessital. This will give them work from home opportunities.
  • During the covet-19 lockdown, our ebook production has actually gone up with organizations like cognizant and fiserv approaching for proofreading work. We were able to quickly onboard cognizant with more than 100 volunteers.  One person from cognizant has taken the role of project admin and assigning work to all volunteers

Solution at a glance

  • Accessital is a cloud-native Web application to manage large-scale distributed digital book creation.
  • Reduces cost of production through efficiencies in management of book creation workflow, ability to crowd source, and consistent process.
  • Allows educational institutions to become self-reliant for the digital book needs of their own students.
  • Enables on-demand scaling to conduct events like book marathons with armies of volunteers.
  • Provides state-of-the art OCR in the largest number of languages using google vision APIs.
  • Ensures the capture of accurate and consistent book meta-data for reporting to common catalog.
  • Provides the a bility to split single book among multiple proof readers and multi-step workflow to ensure book quality.
  • Enables efficient management of large number of book creation projects in parallel through multiple reports and dashboards .
  • Provides opportunities to people with disabilities to be employed to work from home.