A report on Android Accessebility

less than 1 minute read

Came across this rather expansively written report on android accessibility or rather the dismal state of things in the android accessibility world. having tried to use the android-based google nexus for several months and after developing a couple of reasonably simple apps on the platform, I have to say I agree with the overall conclusion of this person - which is that Android is a long long way from being completely accessible and it needs to do a lot more to ensure that it will become accessible in the near or distant future. As an app developer, I find that there is simply so little information about how to develop accessible user interfaces and it is simply so hard to get it right.

The author of the article however, praises Windows at several places. The latest windows phone platform is not accessible though and so, I don’t think the comparison of android to the Windows PC platform is an apples to apples comparison. Even the Windows 8 Metro UI for tablets has huge accessibility gaps as of now.