IOS 11.1 email issues

less than 1 minute read

My blog seems to be turning into a complaint board or something looking at the last few posts. I’ll do this one more complaint and then do something else in the next post. In IOS 11.1, most issues with messages and email got resolved. However, 2 new things have come up:

  1. The email App Icon now always says “no unread mails” even when there are unread mails in the inbox. If I kill the app, it is corrected but the problem occurs again when I open the app once and come out. This is fairly important for me. I have missed paying attention to several critical production issue emails in the last few days because of this.
  2. The unread folder in emails continues to show mails that I have already read. In that now it is the same as my regular inbox folder. Again, this gets corrected if I come out of the folder once and go in again. So, there is a sort of a workaround but still very annoying.