Compass Group Collaborates with IAccessible to Enhance Accessibility in Microsoft Cafes

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Compass Group USA is responsible for managing the cafes and dining facilities for the Global Workplace Services team at Microsoft. As part of Microsoft’s commitment to fostering inclusive and accessible work environments, Compass Group strives to ensure that their innovations, such as vending machines for food and beverages, are accessible to people with disabilities.

Partnering with IAccessible:

To achieve this goal, Compass Group joined forces with IAccessible to develop a streamlined process for gathering accessibility feedback from real users with disabilities. This input helps Compass Group determine which innovations are ready for deployment in the dining areas and what improvements are still necessary.

The Rammon Vending Car:

One such innovation that Compass Group wanted to introduce was the Rammon vending car, which allows Microsoft employees to summon a bowl of rammon to their desk via a mobile app. IAccessible invited users with blind and low vision to evaluate the accessibility and usability of the end-to-end experience with the mobile app and the vending machine.

Streamlined Process for Valuable Feedback:

The ability to quickly obtain feedback from real users enabled Compass Group to make informed business decisions without going through a lengthy assessment process. As these innovations are not typical web applications, they cannot be easily assessed by trusted tester teams as many accessibility vendors do.


Through their collaboration with IAccessible, Compass Group has been able to improve the accessibility of their innovations in Microsoft cafes and dining facilities. The streamlined process for gathering feedback from real users with disabilities has helped Compass Group make informed decisions and create a more inclusive experience for all employees.