IOS 11.0 voice over issues

1 minute read

** Update: I just updated to IOS 11.1 and the below issues are now resolved!! ** I updated to IOS 11.0 on the day it was launched but have been struggling with the following two important apps with Voice Over ever since:


  • If I delete a message, a placeholder remains in the list. When I swipe to that placeholder, it says “null”.
  • As soon as I delete at least one message, the double tap on remaining messages becomes confused. Most times it opens the message next to the one I am trying to open.
  • After I delete a message, any new incoming messages fail to show up in the message list. I still receive the notification and can read the message on the notification screen but they show up in the messages app only after I kill the app from app selector and launch it again.


  • The action rotor for the messages list is sticky now. So, if I delete an item by selecting “delete” in the action rotor and double tapping a message, focus automatically moves to the next message. At this point, in earlier versions, I could just double tap the newly focused message to open and read it because the action rotor was switched back to “activate”. However, now, the action remains at “delete” and double tapping the newly focused message just deletes it. This may sound like a small thing but is extremely non intuitive and has caused me a lot of pain with accidental deletion of mails.
  • What is worse is that this behavior is not consistent. Sometimes, when you swipe around messages after deleting one, the action rotor does reset to “activate”. So, basically you are never sure what the current action rotor setting is while moving around messages.