voice over users – avoid IOS 8.02!

1 minute read

I upgraded to IOS 8.02 last weekend after my curiosity got the better of my skepticism. Using it for just a week has me wishing I had waited for at least 3 more releases. I just filed the following 4 voice over bugs with Apple:

  1. Unable to share a contact via message. If I open a contact and try to share it via the “message” option, the send button cannot be pressed if voice over is running.
  2. Unable to enter values in pop-up fields like the date field in the appstore while entering credit card details when voice over is running.
  3. The phone intermittently hangs and the 0 key remains pressed emitting a continuous beep until the phone is restarted while using phone keypad to dial a number.
  4. The phone ships with a keyboard called “flexy”. This is completely unusable with voice over and the user cannot even switch over to a different keyboard if this keyboard is selected while typing. This is shocking in that no one at apple even tried this keyboard with voice over before certifying this product for distribution with the OS by default.

So, there are problems with dialing, messaging, browsing and filling forms, and keyboards.
There is no feature in the new OS that gives me anything more than what I had earlier and introduces all these problems on top.
I will suggest any voice over users out there to avoid IOS 8.02 if you can.