We conduct workshops and hands-on trainings on how to create accessible Web applications. We work with with our learners to customize the content to meet the learners where they are. Some of our trainings include:

1-hour trainings for easy consumption

These short (1 hour) learning sessions are provided by IAccessible for product makers, business leaders, user researchers, designers, and developers. Each session is best suited for an audience of 20-25 people to encourage learner participation. The topics help learners:

  • Understand what is accessibility.
  • Think about why you should make accessible products.
  • Learn about what is the global compliance landscape.
  • Understand why to build “with” users with disabilities and not “for” them.
  • Learn about types of disabilities and assistive tools used by people with different disabilities.
  • Gain empathy and appreciation for real-life impact by hearing from users with disabilities who use assistive technologies for their education, work, and day-to-day living.
  • See examples of common accessibility problems – Traps!
  • Discuss tenets of good design

Comprehensive 3 day Web accessibility workshop

This training helps Web developers, designers, and architects understand how to develop and test accessible Rich Internet applications that comply with the W3C accessibility guidelines.

2 day accessibility testing primer

Targetted primarily for the quality assurance engineers, this training helps learn the tools and techniques to test if a Web application is accessible and meets the various W3C guidelines compliance or other legal requirements, such as section 508 or ADA etc.

Half day Accessibility Strategy workshop

Specially useful for people involved in product and platform strategy and usability decisions. This workshop provides an overview of the accessibility problem, helping learners understand what are disabilities, how do people with disabilities access computers and software, what is the need to build accessible and inclusive solutions - pragmatic reasons and legislations, what does it take to build accessible Web applications – costs and technologies involved and so on.

Quick Start accessibility training for developers

This 4 hour session gives developers a basic understanding of what accessibility for people with disability means and how to test and fix the most common accessibility problems in rich internet applications.