2-day Accessibility Testing primer

This 2 day primer on accessibility testing is targetted for quality assurance associates and managers. The training covers The “what” and “why” of Web accessibility and the tools and techniques used to test Web applications for adhearance to accessibility guidelines and standards.

Agenda »

What is Accessibility?

Explain what are some common types of disabilities. Describe various adaptive technologies that enable people with disabilities to access computers and the Internet. Finally, cover the different kinds of problems with rich Internet applications that hinder the use of such adaptive technologies.

WCAG 2.0 Standards

Explain the W3C accessibility guidelines covering Principles, Guidelines, Success Criteria, Sufficient and Advisory Techniques in an easy to follow course with plenty of examples

Accessibility Testing Tools

Cover several automated tools that help in the process of identifying accessibility problems. Hands-on exercises to identify and fix accessibility problems in existing Web applications.